Martin Cole

Other Instruments

I have made many different instruments as custom orders, some of which are pictured below.

The Dulcimer

This traditional Appalachian instrument provides a refreshing change for song accompaniment with a strummed technique. It can also be played in a plucked style providing a "Baroque" sounding tone. It can be strung in a variety of ways but invariably with three courses of either double or single strings, tuned to a choice of different modes.

An electro-acoustic dulcimer with LR Baggs transducer


The Ukulele

Often disregarded as not being a serious musical instrument, the Ukulele can deliver a delightful sound when treated with respect.

I build this instrument using the traditional Hawaiian materials of mahogany for the neck and body (including the soundboard) and ebony for the bridge and fingerboard.

The example shown here has rather a radical shape but I also make more traditional designs.

Scale length:- 375mm.